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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Faking It

So, how do you tell a fake Louis Vuitton bag from the real deal? Take home the genuine bag every time with this guide to spotting the replica bags.

Ever heard the saying, "Imitation is a form of flattery"? Well, most designers would disagree. Especially when it comes to imitating premium purses and bags. Most people can't really tell a good fake from the real thing.

So, how can you tell the difference? The experts say that it's all in the small details that are often overlooked by manufacturers of designer knock-offs. All you need to do is take the time to pick apart the fakes and to do your research to reveal their flaws.

Here are just a few tips :

Watch for lining that is glued on instead of stitched in. The same goes for labels.

Some manufacturers of knockoff bags do take the time to stitch the lining into place. Then, look for threading that is pulling or loose in spots. A real designer bag would have near-perfect threading.

The material used can also be a dead giveaway. If the monogram of a Louis Vuitton bag is even slightly askew, it's a fake. The reason a genuine Hermès Kelly bag costs an arm and a leg is because they're hand made. You won't see lousy workmanship on a real bag.

Make sure that you do your research. Fequent sites like
Vogue or the designers' sites like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and , Dior to see the styles and details of real designer bags clearly.

Don't overlook the smaller features like the zips, handles, buckles and other trimmings which are often what lets down a fake. Hermès bags should have a 'Hermès Paris' stamp'. Louis Vuitton bags with buckles are very heavy. If the bag has buckles and is extremely light, it is a fake.

Buying a bag out of a flea market or elsewhere on the street guarantees you a fake.

There are websites that are authorised to sell designer labels. The three most popular are
Yoox, eLuxury and Net-A-Porter. You should shop on websites that are recommended by the brands themselves or by high-end fashion magazines. Both Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton for example links to Net-A-Porter.

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