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Monday, May 07, 2007

F.I.T: Pret - A - Papier Display

After my [Tee Fisher] meeting with New York Designer BOAZ , I made a detour going towards Chelsea via 7th avenue - only to run into the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Pret - A- Papier display. I stood in front of high glass windows, marveling at genius pieces created by some of New York City’s finest talent. It’s quite amazing what one can do with simple pieces of paper!!! On display are different styles of cocktail dresses, prom styled pieces, jackets, & more; so if you so happen to be walking down 7th Avenue....drop by F.I.T

More Pictures After The Junp...

Aren't these pieces stunning??? LOVE IT!!!

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InvadeMyCloset by Tee Fisher
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